MUFRAMEX, the University of Guadalajara (Mexico), CIMAT (Mexico) and the University of Toulouse (France) are running a virtual panel discussion on evolutionary computation, on 26th October 2022


During this discussion, Carlos A. Coello Coello, professor of computer science at the Department of Computer Science, CINVESTAV-IPN (Mexico) and Nicolas Bredeche, professor of computer science at Sorbonne University (France) will give a talk on evolutionary computation.


  • Carlos A. Coello Coello will provide an overview of the main research groups working in evolutionary computation in Mexico, together with some of their research topics. The talk will also include some brief information about graduate programs available in Mexico, including evolutionary computation as one of their specialization areas.


  • Nicolas Bredeche will give a brief overview of evolutionary swarm robotics, which is the use of evolutionary algorithms to endow a swarm of robots with a capability to learn new behaviours. While originally loosely inspired from the process of biological evolution, these algorithms face challenges that are usually not addressed in robotics, but arise from the interactions of robots with their environment, and with each other. He will show how robots can socially learn to coordinate in an unknown environment based solely on local interactions, as well as how robots can learn to perform morphological computation, which means to use one’s own body, rather than one’s brain, to solve problems such as coordinated motion and search for resources.


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October, 26th 2022  • 6 PM (France) • 11 AM (CDMX) • online • participation is free of charge

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