MUFRAMEX, the University of Guadalajara (Mexico), CIMAT (Mexico) and the University of Toulouse (France) are running a virtual panel discussion on Natural Language Processing, on 24th June 2022


During this discussion, Manuel Montes-y-Gómez, Senior Researcher at National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE, Mexico) and Nicholas Asher, Scientific Director of Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute (ANITI, France) will present a comparative view of NLP as it is approached in Mexico and in France. They will provide an overview of the topic in both countries and present their current research work.


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June, 24th 2022  • 4 PM (France) • 9 AM (CDMX) • online • participation is free of charge

Once you are registered, you will receive a link to join the conference within a few days.